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Time Study international education institute offers to all the students aiming to get enrolled into Czech universities or gymnasiums additional preparatory courses in necessary subjects. These course can run for a year or a half a year.

All the courses are conducted by highly qualified educators. Per students' preference, they may study with Russian-speaking teachers for the first half a year.

The preparatory courses are directed at the following subjects: mathematics, physics, biology, history, geography, law, social studies, foreign languages etc.

The selected course is focused to fit a certain university.

For example:

If a student wants to get admitted to a medical school and chooses a preparatory course in chemistry, biology and physics, he or she will be taught by educators with medical degrees from a certain university. Thus, the course instructors will not only prepare students for tests and interviews, but will also explain the inner-system of the university pointing out important matters to the prospective students.

These settings also apply to preparatory courses for other universities and majors.

To register for the subject-preparatory course, please contact us via

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