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TIME STUDY - is an international educational institute that provides the most advantageous setting to obtain secondary, higher- and post-graduate education in the Czech Republic. Having proven our excellence over the years, we became an official member of the government business registry of the Czech Republic. Thus, we really can be trusted.

Nowadays, we provide solid opportunities to receive a university or college degree in the Czech Republic completely free of tuition.

General Services

Time Study provides the following services:

  • Czech language courses for academic purposes (Czech higher-education)
  • VIP- preparatory courses for specific higher-ed majors
  • English and German language courses for academic and professional purposes in the Czech Republic and other countries
  • Preparatory courses for local gymnasiums and colleges
  • Organisation of academic and scientific seminars, conferences, and trainings in the Czech Republic and other European countries
  • Organisation of creative summer camps for teenage language learners
  • Professional preparatory courses for medical personnel seeking employment in the Czech Republic

Our language educators are well-qualified native speakers, which is why we guarantee admission for free degree programmes into the into the Czech universities.

As of 2017, degree-seekers may take advantage of a new exciting time-and-money saving opportunity that provides college/ university admission without completing the one year Czech language preparatory course.

Living Conditions in the Czech Republic

We provide the most comfortable accommodations to all our students. Language course students are provided with very comfortable dormitory rooms; and secondary school students additionally receive meals and a 24/7 chaperon supervision. The latter is a very important factor for 8th and 9th graders.

Additionally, we provide social adaptation support, future employment opportunities, and student visa processing.

Higher Education

We provide degree opportunities to all students from every part of the world. We open the doors to the most prestigious public and private Czech universities, including the glorious Karl (Charles) University of Prague - one of the oldest European universities.

Please note that higher education in the Czech Republic is tuition-free; and a Bachelor Degree can be earned within three years.

We provide full support for students looking for degrees taught in English in university selection, visa processing, and early accommodations.

Secondary Education

We also provide opportunities to obtain secondary and professional education. We strive to offer the most popular specialties, Thus, for 8th and 9th graders, we offer artistic and industrial design courses and other exciting opportunities in Prague and other Czech cities.

Post-Graduate Education

After receiving a state-accredited degree, you will have the opportunity to proceed to a dissertation defence. Post-graduate students receive 500 euro scholarship payments.

Summer Language Camps

This year we have opened a Documentary Film course for high-school students. This course offer opportunities for creative youth to attempt authorship in documentary filmmaking, together with language studies and sightseeing as a part of culture and history learning. This is fun and productive way to spend a vacation while participating in numerous and various cultural trips. Additionally, we are working to offer TV-host and Journalism courses.

However, the main goal of these projects is the language learning which provides live-communication with peers for students of any level.

Official curriculum courses combined with the real language practice allow for quick facilitation of language learning in live settings.

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