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Master Degree

Attention! Degree nostrification fee is only 400 euros!

All student with a Bachelor degree have an opportunity to continue their education in Europe.

TIME STUDY has developed 2 types of programme:

  • For students aiming to get tuition-free education after completing the Czech language course
  • For students willing to get an ongoing education in a private European university.

In order to get admitted into a state university, it is necessary to pass a semester or a complete academic year of the Czech language course.

Private universities admit students who have completed summer preparation course as well. This a good opportunity to continue one's education straight after completing one degree and moving on to another.
We guarantee private university admission.

Regardless of your programme selection, there are numerous of advantages:

  • European university degrees are recognised in all of the EU, USA, and Canada.
  • Language knowledge at the B1 - B2 level confirmed by an international certificate.
  • Residency permit in an EU country.
  • Work permit in the Czech Republic after the degree completion without the red tape.

Intensive preparatory Czech language summer course

This programme is designed for Bachelor and Master degree students in private Czech universities.


  • Guaranteed admission to any private Czech university;
  • Opportunity to begin degree courses without a year-long Czech language course;
  • Course tuition fee includes curator support for the first year of study;
  • A convenient installment plan can be set up for payment;
  • Master degree students have the opportunity to get their Bachelor degree nostrification prior to their arrival to the Czech Republic.

Programme course duration:


During the course students participate in cultural, educational, and sports events organised by the school for a separate fee.

  • Application form to the selected university/ school;
  • Communication with the university;
  • Exam assistance;
  • Visa assistance;
  • Booking accommodations;
  • Transportation upon arrival;
  • Local SIM card
  • Diploma/ degree nostrification. For Master degree students there is an opportunity to get their Bachelor degree nostrification prior to their arrival to the Czech Republic.
  • Student visa extension. 
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